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General Guidelines/Forms for Springbrook Residents

**Update April 2019**

Fellow Residents,

I know spring is just getting in full swing but summer is coming right around the corner. So before it arrives I wanted to take a minute to remind all the residents of some information they need to know. The summer is always a busy time for the pavilion, the beach, the lakes and common areas. So it never hurts to review some of the neighborhood expectations in regards to these areas and our actions in these areas.

Common Areas

  • You will need to have a current neighborhood sticker clearly visible to park at any of the common areas in Springbrook. This sticker will indicate you are a neighbor in good standing.

  • If you have a visitor with you in a common area and they have a vehicle, they will need to have a visitor pass clearly displayed in their windshield. You can print those off from this page.

  • Common areas are for current residents in good standing and their guest. The resident needs to be with a guest at all times when they are using the common areas.


  • The pavilion is for community use but half of any pavilion can be reserved. You can find the reservation forms on the Beach Pavilion page on this site. The reservation is free.

  • We ask that everyone help us with the trash at the pavilions and beach. We all need to clean up after ourselves. The community has placed trash cans conveniently located for you to throw items away.

  • If you are using the pavilion, please use the parking lot at the beach unless you are loading and unloading at the pavilion.


  • This is a family friendly common area. Please be careful with our language and actions while on the beach. There are signs with the beach expectations on the fence before you enter the beach.

  • Please clean up after yourselves at the beach. This means picking up all clothing, towels, toys and trash.

  • Please fish outside the swimming areas. We don’t want to have fishing line, hooks and other fishing trash left for swimmers to hurt themselves with.


  • All boats on the water need to have a current Springbrook sticker.

  • Jug fishing is allowed in some of the lakes. Please see below to get a permit

  • We have raised the Crappie limit this year to 15 per person

  • Trolling motors are the only motors that are permitted to be used in the any of the lakes.

Covenants and By-Laws

The Covenants and By-Laws were designed to bring a semblance of order, prevent chaotic and/or negative behavior/actions and create a positive/healthy community for us all to live in.  While the Board will do it's best to make sure they are upheld it takes us all to make the community a place we are proud of, and a place where we want to live.


It is the Boards charter (along with everyone in Home Owners Association) to uphold and enforce the covenants and by-laws within the constraints of our legal responsibility. We will make every effort to identify those things that need correcting and take the necessary steps to get them corrected in a timely manner.


With that said, we all have to do our utmost to abide by the covenants and by-laws.  We can accomplish this by: Reading and understanding the covenants and by-laws (on this website), paying our Assessments on time (both Annual and Special), placing stickers on our vehicles and boats (where they are easy to see for security reasons), reporting suspicious behavior to the police and most importantly looking out for each other, being truthful, helpful and courteous.  “By being a good neighbor”.


We realize that things happen that are outside of a persons control, making it difficult for anyone to follow the covenants and by-laws.  When these circumstances occur please contact the Board (see contact information on this website) and we will work with you to resolve those challenges.

We look forward to working with each of you as you continue being an active and supportive member of our community to help us all move in “the right” direction for the betterment of our neighborhood

Use of Common Areas and Annual Sticker Decals

Per Restrictive Covenants of Springbrook:

“No owner of a lot in said Development shall permit, except members of his family or his house guests, or other owners of lots, to use boats or dock placed by him in any of the Springbrook lakes and shall not give permission to swim in said lakes or use any of the lakes or facilities to any person except lot owners or bona fide guests, when accompanied by the owner of a lot or members of his household”

“All licensed street vehicles and boats of property owners who use or park on community owned lands, lakes, dams, parks or swimming areas must display permanently affixed annual stickers that will be issued when annual assessments and boat fees are paid”

NOTE:  Any type of vessel used on the lakes, requires a current Springbrook Decal. This includes kayaks, canoes and paddle boats. 
If you do not have a decal, please download the form from this site and submit with the $10 fee per vessel.

Speeding in Our Community

Of all the things to overcome in a Community, speeding is one of the most difficult things. Primarily, because it takes community involvement and individual responsibility to resolve. Warning signs, stop signs, speed bumps and law enforcement support alone has shown statistically not to reduce speeding in private communities. The interest/involvement of this type of challenge in the community tends to ramp up and ramp down depending on the level of recent speeding events or recent incidents/accidents. Unfortunately, this is human nature, unless it happens to you or someone you know it is not a priority on your list and is soon forgotten. How do we correct this “human nature” attitude/response?

1. Take personal responsibility for your actions.

2. Be alert and conscious of your surroundings, driving to fast for conditions (weather and road) and not be distracted by cell phones, loud music and etc.

3. Obey and heed the posted speed limits for the safety of our children and our community members.

4. Neighborhood watch members and community members log (keep a record/write down) location (street), make, model, color and license plate numbers of all vehicles/offenders who drive erratically or who appear to be speeding and report them to the Madison County Sheriffs Office. Note: True speeding can only be ascertained by a radar device not by visual reference.

5. Do not stop, detain or confront a person who appears to be speeding. It is not your responsibility, it is the responsibility of law enforcement to address these issues. Record and report only.

The bottom line is number 1 above, take personal responsibility for your actions, be a good neighbor, obey the posted speed limit and record and report apparent offenders. We know no one wants to get a call/visit from law enforcement and/or hear about a family member or a neighbor hurt or worse. We care, and we know you care about all our community members and their families.

Do your part and take responsibility for your community and your actions.

Visitor Guest Pass

 The VISITOR (GUEST) VEHICLE PASS is for “visitors” (guests) that are accompanied by a property owner in Springbrook Lake Estates. This is only for one (1) vehicle of visitor (guest) and IS NOT to be used for multiple vehicles of visitors (guests). In other words you must fill out a pass for each visitor (guest) vehicle that parks on Springbrook Pavilions and Beach Parking areas only (this pass can not be used for BOAT RAMP or LEVEE areas to fish. Parking areas for fishing requires a property owner in good standings vehicle with an up to date sticker on it to park in these areas and visitors must be accompanied by a property owner when fishing). 


Property owner must stay with visitor (guest) for the duration of their stay at Pavilions and the Beach. If the property owner leaves these areas the visitor (guest) must also leave.

Springbrook Fishing Guidelines
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