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Beach Pavilion Policy

One half of the Beach Pavilion can be reserved for parties (by members of the Association provided they are paid up to date on their Assessment accounts, balance owed $0.00 dollars) with 30+ persons attending. For "less than" 30 persons attending then the pavilion will be on a "first come first serve basis". 


Reminder: All vehicles that do not have a current Springbrook sticker who attend these (reserved or first come first serve) parties the Association member hosting must print and fill out completely "One Day Visitor Pass" via this website under the “Guidelines and Forms” heading. All unauthorized vehicles attending the parties and owners of vehicles will be asked to leave. If they choose not to leave then the Madison County Sherriff's Department will be called and owners of said vehicles will be charged with trespassing on private property (this is the same policy for any vehicle at the beach that does not have a current sticker).


If you choose not to print and fill out completely the One Day Visitor Passes then you must shuttle all personal via a vehicle/s that have a current Springbrook sticker.


For "all" parties (reserved and/or first come first serve) the Association member must remain with Visitors at all times. In other words, you can not reserve the pavilion for someone else and not be in attendance.

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