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Springbrook is a community located in Northeast Madison County, West Tennessee.  
Springbrook offers a peaceful, country living set with beautiful lakes, incredible foliage, and woodland wildlife.

Welcome to the Official Website of the Springbrook Lake Estates


We are pleased to present our new and updated official website to all of our Springbrook residents.  After listening to the feedback of the community we have decided to overhaul the site and provide our community with a designated source of truth the community can rely on when needing information.   

We have uploaded several forms to the site that can be printed and mailed in to the board, likewise we have also provided an online submission form for a few of these forms, with more to come soon.  All forms and guidelines can be found on the "Guidelines/Forms" tab located at the top navigation pane of the site. 

We have also added the ability to request reservation of the Beach Pavilion online, please feel free to check out our "Beach Pavilion" tab located on the top navigation pane for more information.


The "News/Events" and "Projects/Updates" will also be updated periodically to better provide the community with accurate information.   

If you need to get in contact with the Board of Directors, please visit the "Contact" page, also located on the top navigation pane of the site. 

The Lakes of Springbrook

At the heart of the community lie the beautiful Lakes of Springbrook, shared by not only the residents of Springbrook, but also the abundant amount of woodland wildlife that inhabit the area.  

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